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Wholesome Handcrafted Dog Treats for Happy Tails!

Only the best ingredients 🐾 from our family to yours

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Meet the Barky Bunch

Hi there! We’re a family of dog enthusiasts – a mom and her two awesome kids – on a mission to share our passion for healthy and tasty treats with fellow dog lovers.

As a former vet-tech, our mom brings a wealth of knowledge in canine health to ensure that each Barky Biscuit is not only scrumptious but also good for your furry friend.

🌿 All-Natural

πŸͺ Human-Grade

🌾 Wheat-Free

❀️ Handcrafted with Love


Why Choose Barky Biscuits?


All-Natural Goodness

No artificial flavors or additives – just 5 pure, wholesome ingredients. This means your pup gets treats made with real, human-grade quality ingredients, ensuring a tasty and healthy reward for your four-legged friend.


Handcrafted with Love

Every treat is made by hand, ensuring quality and care in every batch. We believe in the personal touch, and our treats are crafted with love, bringing a handmade warmth to every bite your furry friend takes.


Canine Health Expertise

Our treats aren’t just delicious; they’re crafted with a deep understanding of canine health, ensuring that each bite supports your dog’s overall wellness, making Barky Biscuits a choice you can trust for your furry family member.


Wholesome Goodness in Every Bite

Each ingredient in our treats is carefully selected not only for its deliciousness but also for the health benefits it brings to our four-legged customers. Happy tails and happy snacking! 🐾

πŸ₯œ Packed with Protein and Healthy Fats

Our all-natural peanut butter is a canine favorite, providing a protein boost for muscle health and healthy fats for a shiny coat. Plus, dogs love the rich, nutty flavor that adds an irresistible taste to their treats.

πŸŽƒ Digestive Health and Nutrient-Rich

Pureed pumpkin is a nutritional powerhouse for dogs. It’s rich in fiber, promoting healthy digestion, and packed with vitamins and minerals. The natural sweetness adds a delightful taste, making it a paw-some addition to our treats.

🌾 Wheat-Free Goodness for Sensitive Pups

Our treats use oat flour, a wheat-free alternative perfect for dogs with allergies or sensitivities. Oats provide a good source of fiber, aiding digestion, and contribute to a shiny coat. A wholesome choice for our furry friends!

πŸ₯₯ Healthy Skin, Shiny Coat, and More

Coconut oil brings a host of benefits to our treats. It supports healthy skin and a shiny coat, aids in digestion, and may even have antibacterial properties. A teaspoon of tropical goodness in every bite!

πŸ‚ Antioxidant-Rich and Flavorful

Cinnamon not only adds a warm, aromatic touch to our treats but also brings antioxidant properties. This spice may have anti-inflammatory effects and, most importantly, contributes to the irresistible flavor that dogs love.


What Our Happy Clients Are Saying


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Bow wow wow!

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Bark bark!

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